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I work nights at a nursing home.  In June, I was hiking with my husband and broke my arm.  I was going to be home for three months.  I have been wanting a dog.

I lived in South Florida for twenty five years and had a German Shepherd.  My children were small and our neighborhood turned bad.  Our dog, Bart, was fierce and protective.  He was the best dog in the world.  When Hurricane Andrew came through, he helped me keep my children safe from looters.  When the storm cleared up, Bart was chasing someone off my property when he was struck and killed by a car.  We were surrounded by devastation, but nothing broke us like Bart’s death.

12032812_10153607286373503_9026237248074194842_oI saw Idella’s brother’s photo on the internet and wanted to go see him.  When we got to the shelter, I saw him, but I also saw Idella.  I fell in love with her and I’ve never had a female dog before.  But she was so beautiful! And she liked me! We went through the process and came back to bring her home, I was so happy!

She loved our couch!  And we introduced her to our two cats and they were tolerant of her and she respected them.

We have five acres and she walked close to me when we did our “rounds” and I throw balls for her.  She does not roam.  It is nice.  We do put her on the leash and walk her up and down our street so she is familiar with the area.

12359837_10153705334688503_6132194724879455505_nI do keep a steady supply of rawhide chew bones for her and she has done very little damage.  She did chew up mommy’s glass frames, only because I left them on the couch. That was probably our only expense as far as her teething.

We took her to our vet, Dr. Johnson, he was very happy with her health.  We had to go to NY City for a whole day and boarded her with him.  She adapted just fine.





12342332_10153715343888503_1287462584802637222_nShe’s here on the couch with me right now.  People try to tell me how big she has gotten, I just don’t see it. She’s my baby.  When I come home from work, she is sitting here with my husband.  He does not work, he’s retired and she keeps him company.  She watches sports with him and got used to his yelling at the television.

She’s our baby, my buddy, my protector.  She protects me from falling leaves, strange buckets left in the driveway, she didn’t understand the full moon was supposed to be up in the sky and wouldn’t let me off the porch until I convinced her it was okay.  She has rescued me from numerous chipmunks and squirrels.  She loves to go for rides in the truck and looks right out the window.  She is a very good puppy.


Bart would be very proud of her.


Mary Lou Bonner
Circleville, NY

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