Adoption Process

Please review these adoption guidelines and tips to speed up the adoption process:

  • Please be able to provide a valid photo I.D. with your current address. (If your I.D. does not reflect your current address, bring a piece of mail with your name and address on it.)
  • Be able to prove that you are allowed to have a pet where you live. (Proof of home ownership or a copy of your rental lease including the specific pet policy.)
  • Bring along all members of your household, including dogs for an introduction to a new dog. ¬†However, we do recommend meeting at the shelter before involving children in the pet selection process.
  • Understand that the Sullivan County SPCA reserves the right to deny an adoption.
  • You may call 845-796-3120 to speak to a counselor for more information prior to your visit.
  • Only the shelter manager can approve animals for adoption or fostering
  • The adoption process takes time. You may not be able to take home your pet the first day you come to the shelter and meet them (especially on weekends).

Online Adoption Form